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Choosing a Chainsaw

When choosing a chainsaw you first need to ask yourself a few questions to determine the type of chainsaw you need.

Modern chainsaws are adapted to suit specific working conditions and users.

Before buying a chainsaw, ask yourself the following check questions about how you are going to use it.

  1. How experienced am I in using a chainsaw?
  2. What am I going to be using the chainsaw for? Full-time use, professional use or home use?
  3. What size of trees will I be felling most often? Hard or soft wood? Do I need a small or large saw?
  4. How often will I be using the chainsaw? Each day, about once a month, or a few times a year?
  5. How important is chainsaw ergonomics? Should it have low vibration, be well-balanced?
  6. How important is safety? Should the saw be fitted with TrioBrake™?
  7. How important are service and maintenance features? Do I need an easy to access air filter and spark plug?
  8. Should it be easy to stretch and replace the chain?
  9. In what seasons will I be using the chainsaw? Should it be adapted to use in winter, with heating in the handles?

The answers will help you select the appropriate type and size of chainsaw to suit your specific requirements.

Types of Chainsaw

Chainsaws can be broadly divided into the following groups:

Husqvarna Professional ChainsawProfessional Chainsaws

Chainsaws with maximum performance and optimum ergonomics. Designed for professional full-time or part-time use. Also available with heated handles.


Husqvarna All Round ChainsawAll-Round Chainsaws

Robust chainsaws. Built as professional saws, but with a slightly lower performance. Designed for part-time use, such as for woodcutting.


Husqvarna Recreational ChainsawRecreational/Consumer Chainsaws

Easy to use, small saws designed for home use by 'recreational users' who do not use their chainsaw very often.


Husqvarna Tree Care ChainsawTree Care Saws

Tree care saws have been developed to be used only by professionals in tree care work. They are top handled chainsaws that can be operated with one hand. Because of this they can be very dangerous and there are legal restrictions on their sale.

Chainsaw Size

The size of the chainsaw is determined by piston displacement (cm³) and engine power (hp and kW). The size you should choose depends on the following two factors:

Proficiency & Experience

Choose a smaller chainsaw with a less powerful engine if you are new to chainsaw work. A small saw is more manoeuvrable than a large one. If the chainsaw is too heavy, your hands and arms will tire, which in the long run represents a safety risk.

Wood Type & Size of Tree

Choose a larger chainsaw with more power if you want to fell larger trees, especially hardwood. If the model is too small, this will subject the chainsaw to great a strain and unnecessary wear.

Guide Bar Length

The appropriate length of the guide bar is determined by tree size and to some extent by the level of expertise the user has.

If you are used to handling a chainsaw, you should have access to at least two different guide bar lengths, allowing you to vary the guide bar length with different tree sizes.

A shorter guide bar weighs less and is easier to manoeuvre when doing limbing work.

The long guide bar is used for larger tree sizes.

Hampshire Garden Machinery have a large selection of professional and recreational chainsaws, including Husqvarna Chainsaws – the world's leading brand of chainsaw. If you are in any doubt as to the best chainsaw for you, come in and our experienced staff will be able to help you.

Husqvarna Automower 450X

Automower 450X

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